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8 Best Clapham Opticians

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Clapham is an affluent residential suburb anchored by its High Street, located in the London Borough of Lambeth. With a history dating back to the Roman era, Clapham has long been a popular residential area for the city's middle class. The area is known for its Victorian houses and tree-lined streets, as well as its popular open-air market, which has been a fixture in Clapham for over 300 years. In addition to its residential and commercial offerings, Clapham is also home to a number of cultural attractions, including the Clapham Picturehouse, a popular independent cinema.

1. Vision Express Opticians

Vision Express Clapham Common is located a short walk from Clapham North and Clapham High Street Stations. The practice operates a standard set of eyecare services and is recommended by customers for providing excellent value for money.

Vision Express opticians have over 550 stores across the UK and Ireland. They aim to provide you with the very best service, tailor-made to your needs within friendly and welcoming surroundings. The range of frames stocked is standardised among stores and so are reliable and cost-effective.

  • Google rating: 4.2 (133 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW4 0HY

2. Bromptons Opticians

Bromptons Opticians is located centrally along Clapham High Street with excellent transport links nearby. The practice is independent and so is able to offer a multitude of spectacle lenses, frames, and contact lenses which is not offered by most practices.

The practice strives to push the customer a little out of their comfort zone with some more striking and revolutionary eyewear designs - though they, of course, offer more timeless classics too. The practice also offers specialist children's eyecare, with tests available for children even before they know the alphabet.

  • Google rating: 4.7 (27 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : No
  • Postcode: SW4 7TB

3. Karen Lockyer Optometrists

Karen Lockyer Optometrist Clapham is one of two Karen Lockyer Branches, both of which are esteemed as one of the most trusted independent practices south of the river.

They are a proudly independent practice and want to masterfully combine the art of enabling you to both see perfectly, and look great whilst doing it. Their testing rooms are all equipped with the latest generation of advanced technologies and the practice is praised for keeping up-to-date with eye-wear trends.

  • Google rating: 4.8 (122 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: No
  • Accepts : No
  • Postcode: SW11 6QN

4. Specsavers Opticians and Audiologist - Clapham

Specsavers Clapham is located nearby to Clapham Junction station on St John’s road. The practice offers both eye health and hearing services to residents of Clapham Junction. Members of the Specsavers Clapham Junction team speak a range of languages: Cantonese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French and Mandarin, and so are able to help customers here.

The practice is part of the well-known Specsavers chain - it is one of 730 practices nationwide. With the iconic ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers' tagline, the well-known clinic speaks for itself. Though practices offer some niche specifics, the majority of practices offer a wide range of standardised services and products to suit all needs at a reasonable price.

  • Google rating: 4.1 (283 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW11 1PR

5. Ollie Quinn

Ollie Quinn Clapham junction is situated five minutes from Clapham Junction near Northcote Road, and visiting this boutique practice is a great reason to spend the day strolling the area. Staff in the store are praised as passionate and knowledgable, with excellence throughout the experience from eye test to styling.

This practice is one of the 13 Ollie Quinn boutique stores dotted around the country. They design all frames in-house and all pairs come with high-performance lenses and coatings which are all included in the price. They also make your choice easy, with all frames costing the same price throughout the stores. Each branch hopes to reflect the community they operate in by working hard to be part of its local community.

  • Google rating: 4.9 (68 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: No
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW11 1PX

6. Taylor-West & Co Opticians - Battersea

Taylor-West & Co is located on Northcote Rd and is one of four Taylor-West & Co branches in London. The branch endeavours to provide a relaxed and personalised experience to help you find the perfect eyewear for your vision.

The store stocks an ever-changing, hand-picked range of the world's most beautiful frames curated from artisan brands such as L.G.R, and Ørgreen. They also promise ‘the best eye test of your life’ by starting with a comprehensive understanding of your unique vision followed by an examination with only the latest and best equipment.

  • Google rating: 4.8 (18 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: No
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW11 6QL

7. Prime Opticians

Prime Opticians Clapham is located on St Johns road very nearby to Clapham Junction. The practice prides itself on ensuring perfection, as there can not and should not be any compromise when it comes to your eyes and your eye health.

The practice will always go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met, whether this means spending longer with you during your consultation to individually sourcing a pair of glasses to suit you.

  • Google rating: 4.9 (8 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW1 1PN

8. Oval Eyes Opticians

Oval Eyes Opticians is an independent optician located just two minutes from Oval Tube station, with a red storefront it is hard to miss. They note that your eyes are as unique as your fingerprint, and so they ensure service is tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

The practice also offers emergency appointments, as well as its essential and routine appointments, and they have staff members who speak both Portuguese and Spanish for those who need it.

  • Google rating: 4.7 (71 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: No
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW9 0JG

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Practice NameAccepts Mo?PostcodeGoogle RatingNHS Eye Test
1. Vision Express Opticians✔️SW4 0HY4.2 (133 reviews)✔️
2. Bromptons Opticians SW4 7TB4.7 (27 reviews)✔️
3. Karen Lockyer Optometrists SW11 6QN4.8 (122 reviews)
4. Specsavers Opticians and Audiologist - Clapham✔️SW11 1PR4.1 (283 reviews)✔️
5. Ollie Quinn ✔️SW11 1PX4.9 (68 reviews)
6. Taylor-West & Co Opticians - Battersea✔️SW11 6QL4.8 (18 reviews)
7. Prime Opticians✔️SW1 1PN4.9 (8 reviews) ✔️
8. Oval Eyes Opticians✔️SW9 0JG4.7 (71 reviews)

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