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8 Best Chelsea Opticians

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Chelsea is an affluent neighborhood located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London. Known for its grand Victorian houses and tree-lined streets, Chelsea has long been a popular residential area for the city's wealthy and influential residents. The neighborhood is also home to a number of cultural attractions, including the Saatchi Gallery and the Chelsea Physic Garden. In addition to its residential and cultural offerings, Chelsea is also known for its shopping and dining scene, with a number of high-end stores and restaurants located in the area.

1. Chelsea Eye Centre

Chelsea Eye Centre is a unique, luxury independent optician practice which has been providing exceptional eye care to the community at 176 Kings Road for over 40 years. Within the practice, emphasis is placed on personalised service with thorough eye tests from the practice’s optometrist Daksha Vadher.

The large and exclusive collection of designer glasses they offer is different from both mainstream stores, and from more local competitors. The practice also offers Dyslexia Screenings to help aid your child’s learning.

  • Google rating: 4.2 (46 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW3 4UP

2. Auerbach & Steele - Opticians in Chelsea Kings Road

Auerbach & Steele is a premier independent boutique practice which is renowned for its unparalleled customer service, innovative use of technology, and clinical excellence. Their flair for all things design is clear to see from their online and in-person presence alike.

They offer a range of optical services for the whole family and think of themselves as ‘no ordinary optician’, with a philosophy of employing and training a team who loves working with them. Their word-of-mouth recommendations mean they do little to advertise their products and services, high praise indeed.

  • Google rating: 4.8 (54 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW3 4PL

3. Vision Express Opticians - London - Chelsea Kings Road

Vision Express Opticians Chelsea branch is located a short 3 minute walk from the renowned Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea on the well-stocked Kings road. The branch offers a standardised range of services

Vision Express opticians have over 550 stores across the UK and Ireland, and like all other vision express branches, they aim to provide you with the very best service, tailor-made to your needs within friendly and welcoming surroundings. The range of frames stocked is standardised among stores and so are reliable and cost-effective.

  • Google rating: 3.7 (269 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW3 4NB

4. David Clulow Opticians

David Clulow Chelsea is located near Chelsea Old Town Hall on Kings Road. It is commended by patrons for providing excellent service and quality for the cost of the treatment.

David Clulow Opticians is the destination store for contemporary designer eyewear in England. Established in 1962, and with a range of clinics around the country which concentrate in London, they have services and designs for just about everyone. The David Clulow brand is a leader in professionalism and customer service, and each individual branch reflects this ethos.

  • Google rating: 3.7 (49 ratings)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : No
  • Postcode: SW3 5EB

5. Jimmy Fairly Opticians - Kings Road

Jimmy Fairly Opticians is situated on the busy Kings Road. The practice sits slap-bang in the middle of a historical fashion hub of iconic designers. With friendly and relaxed, yet attentive service, the practice has something for everyone.

Jimmy Fairly Opticians are the coolest opticians in town who are also doing good for the planet. They not only offer quality glasses at a fair price and have a decade of optometry experience - but they also donate a pair of glasses for each pair bought. They offer free eye-tests and a sustainable collection of glasses and sunglasses.

  • Google rating: 4.8 (24 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: No
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW3 4UP

6. 36 Opticians

36 Opticians is a fashionable independent optician practice based a short walk from King’s road, Chelsea. The store has an eclectic range of over 4,000 frames which stretches from simple-every day wear to exclusive limited-edition handmade beauties.

The practice also boasts a growing range of cool and unique accessories including lorgnettes (opera-style glasses with a handle on one side) and spectacle loops made from stone. This quirky optician is also commended for providing a family-like level of care to customers.

  • Google rating: 4.1 (18 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW3 1NU

7. Abbot Opticians

Abbott opticians is South Kensington’s family-run opticians, which provides reliable and good-quality level of eye care. The practice keeps up-to-date with technology, ensuring a high-quality level of professional service. The practice boasts a 5 star google rating, which is telling of its excellent eye service provision.

  • Google rating: 5.0 (7 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW7 2NA

8. Chatoo Opticians

Chatoo Opticians is an independent optician located nearby to the design museum on Kensington High Street. The practice provides professional care with a personal touch, providing full-scope optometric services.

They promise only to use the best brands, from their frames to their technical equipment, all of which are state-of-the-art. The practice also retains clients for many years, which really represents the acid test of their service.

  • Google rating: 4.8 (12 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW1X 9JF

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Practice NameAccepts Mo?PostcodeGoogle RatingNHS Eye Test
1. Chelsea Eye Centre✔️SW3 4UP4.2 (46 reviews) ✔️
2. Auerbach & Steele - Opticians in Chelsea Kings Road ✔️SW3 4PL4.8 (54 reviews)✔️
3. Vision Express Opticians - London - Chelsea Kings Road ✔️SW3 4NB3.7 (269 reviews) ✔️
4. David Clulow Opticians SW3 5EB3.7 (49 ratings) ✔️
5. Jimmy Fairly Opticians - Kings Road ✔️SW3 4UP4.8 (24 reviews)
6. 36 Opticians✔️ SW3 1NU4.1 (18 reviews) ✔️
7. Abbot Opticians ✔️SW7 2NA5.0 (7 reviews) ✔️
8. Chatoo Opticians✔️SW1X 9JF4.8 (12 reviews)✔️

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