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8 Best Brixton Opticians

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Brixton is a lively and diverse neighborhood located in the London Borough of Lambeth. With a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, Brixton is home to a vibrant mix of cultures, including a large Caribbean community. The area is known for its popular music venues, markets, and cultural offerings, including the Brixton Village Market and the Brixton Station Road Market.

1. Specsavers Opticians and Audiologists - Brixton

Specsavers Brixton is located almost directly opposite Brixton tube station and so is in an ideal location in the heart of Brixton on Brixton Rd. The practice is recommended by patrons as especially helpful in explaining procedures to patients.

In this practice, team members also speak Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Romanian and Punjabi.

The practice is part of the well-known Specsavers chain - it is one of 730 practices nationwide. With the iconic ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers tagline, the well-known clinic speaks for itself. Though practices offer some niche specifics, the majority of practices offer a wide range of standardised services and products to suit all needs at a reasonable price.

  • Google rating: 4.0 (547 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW9 8EQ

2. Clearvision Eyecare Boutique

Clearvision Eyecare Boutique Brixton is a boutique, independent optometrist practice located on Coldharbour Lane in Brixton and has been in operation for over 28 years, making it the most established practice in the area. The practice endeavors to deliver a personal and caring service, and has became second generation family businessin 2015.

It houses a cocktail of exclusive limited edition designer products all the way across to carefully selected frames offered for NHS patients.  The store also holds special offers each month, and provides discounts to NHS staff.

  • Google rating: 4.8 (254 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW9 8LF

3. Banks Optometrists

Banks optometrists Brixton is located on Acre Lane, only a three minute walk from Brixton tube station and Brixton high steet. Banks is an independent practice, offering a standard level of optometry services and a range of frames brands.

The practice prides itself on being renowned with local GPs who routinely refer patients directly to Banks for relevant eye complaints, and indeed many of their clients are GPs and other Opthalmologists. Banks believes in offering only the highest standard of care and they excel in service compared to their competitors.

  • Google rating: 4.3 (23 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW2 5SG

4. Medirex

Medirex practice is an Independent Optician based nearby Oval, around 20 minutes walk from Brixton station. The practice does also offer home-visits, with all the equipment available to perform a full sight-test at home for those who are unable to visit in person.

The practice offers an extensive range of services relating to eye care, eye health, and eyewear. The practice also contains staff speaking Portuguese and Spanish and has recently implemented new 3D OCT Triton screening. The practice offers free eye tests for children and the over 60’s, as well as offering on-site visits to local businesses.

  • Google rating: 4.2 (5 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW9 6BS

5. Tulse Hill Eyewear

Tulse Hill Eyewear is located opposite Tulse Hill train station and offers comfortable surroundings with eyewear to suit all styles. The practice offers free eye tests and a price guarantee: they’ll beat any written quote or offer like for like.

The range of designer brands it offers is unique compared to other nearby practitioners - and they offer a service to replace the lenses in your existing frames.

  • Google rating: 4.2 (5 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: No
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SE27 9AU

6. R. Woodfall Opticians

R Woodfall West Norwood is one of six local independent eye wear and ear care specialists under the R. Woodfall name in London.

Amongst the team they have 50+ years of optical experience, and they pride themselves on masterfully combining professionalism and a personal touch. The practice also offers a wide range of services including some unique specialist services.

  • Google rating: 4.7 (30)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SE27 9AF

7. Realeyes The Eye Clinic

Realeyes Streatham Hill is one of ten Realeyes practices in London. The practice argues that it is a better alternative to other high-street optician practices. Many customers of high street opticians, it says, are not happy with the service they have received - and Realeyes claims to provide a far superior service.

Realeyes emphasise the importance of regular eye tests, as when we have problems with our eyes they typically wont hurt as may be the case with other parts of the body. They also offer specialist clinics in order to find out which specialist care will suit you best. Realeyes are a professional and extensive provider of optometry and other optician services.

  • Google rating: 4.9 (155 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: SW2 4UG

8. East Street Eye Clinic

East Street Eye Clinic is a provider of NHS eyecare services as well as private eye tests and checks. They are esteemed for their professional and knowledgeable services.

The clinic is based inside East Street Market in Walworth in South East London. With same and next-day services available to book online, the clinic provides a reliable and easy-to-access service for customers.

  • Google rating: 4.9 (100 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : No
  • Postcode: SE17 2DN

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Practice NameAccepts Mo?PostcodeGoogle RatingNHS Eye Test
1. Specsavers Opticians and Audiologists - Brixton✔️SW9 8EQ4.0 (547 reviews) ✔️
2. Clearvision Eyecare Boutique✔️SW9 8LF4.8 (254 reviews) ✔️
3. Banks Optometrists✔️SW2 5SG4.3 (23 reviews)✔️
4. Medirex✔️SW9 6BS4.2 (5 reviews) ✔️
5. Tulse Hill Eyewear✔️SE27 9AU 4.2 (5 reviews)
6. R. Woodfall Opticians✔️SE27 9AF4.7 (30) ✔️
7. Realeyes The Eye Clinic✔️SW2 4UG4.9 (155 reviews) ✔️
8. East Street Eye ClinicSE17 2DN4.9 (100 reviews)✔️

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