Mo is a radical new collective model of health cover

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Here’s how it works

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Members pay monthly subscriptions

Our members pay a flat monthly subscription to be part of Mo, based on the number of people in their team.

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The money goes into an independent Trust

Contributions to the Trust are locked in, only accessible by our Members to fund their health needs.

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Members dip into the fund to pay for care

Anyone in the community can dip into to pay for their healthcare as and when they need it.

We provide the technology and team

Mo is separate from the Trust. Our job is to administer the Trust for our members, and provide the tools, team and tech to support you.

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And take a flat fee to make it all happen

80% of the money we receive from our members goes directly into the shared Trust. We take a 20% cut to provide the service. Simple. Transparent. Fair.

It’s a little bit revolutionary

Our collective model means our members get better value, service and experience from their health cover.

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No quibbling
over claims

We’re not incentivised to turn down claims, so we don’t quibble or quarrel. It’s a fundamentally different dynamic.

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Unlike traditional insurers, our prices are simple and transparent.

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Our structure means we’re on your side. And we’re obsessed with giving you a great experience.

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the upside

The money in the fund isn’t ours, it’s our members’. Any surpluses go towards more benefits or lower fees.

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Part of
something bigger

Just by being part of Mo, our members are helping the whole community thrive - and helping us change insurance for good.

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Take your team’s benefits to the next level with modern health cover designed for modern teams.

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