Modern health cover for modern teams

Mo is the radically simple new way to offer your team health cover, anywhere in the world.

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We’ve made health coverlogo-so simple

Tap and go with your Mo Mastercard

Traditional health insurers reimburse (if you’re lucky.) With Mo, your team simply pay for the treatment they need, at the care provider of their choice. No claims necessary.

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Choose the care that suits you best

We‘ve done away with an old-fashioned provider network. Your team can visit any practice or clinic that accepts Mastercard. Your health, Your choice.

Take your health cover with you

Unlike many traditional insurers, Mo’s cover doesn’t stop at the border. Wherever your team lives, sleeps or travels, we’ll be there.

Manage everything in one place

Manage everything in our app. Get your team set up and ready to access their cover in minutes. Speak to real humans when you need to, or pause your team’s cover if something’s come up.

Teams that know Mo, love Mo

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Mo’s got your team covered


Half the UK population hasn‘t visited the dentist in the last two years. Check in on your teeth.


An eye examination is more than a vision test. Make sure your eyes are healthy.

Mental Health

Speak to a therapist if you‘re struggling.


Visit a physio, chiropractor, or osteopath if you have pain around your muscles or bones.


See a specialist if you need to be referred for further treatment.


Diagnostic imaging, such as MRIs, CTs or ultrasounds are covered under your Mo plan.

Digital GP

Speak to a GP from the comfort of your own home.


See a podiatrist if you have pain in your feet or ankles.

Travel Vaccines

Get vaccinated before you travel.


Get fit and healthy with a gym membership.

Powered by people not premiums

Mo is a people-powered collective, not an insurance company. And we’re on a mission to create the most people-centric health cover on the planet.

How Mo works
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Traditional health insurance
Simple, transparent pricing
No minimum contracts
Simply pay, no waiting to be reimbursed
No medical history required
Cancel any time
International cover as standard
A collective membership plan

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Take your team’s benefits to the next level with modern health cover designed for modern teams.

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