Ambassador’s new ambassador scheme



What is’s new ambassador scheme?

  •’s ambassador scheme is designed for proponents of (the ambassador) to earn commission by referring other companies to
  • The scheme provides mutual benefit to the ambassador and to, as affiliates gain commission through sharing a service they have used and love, and gains new members. Every Mo member stands to gain from the ambassador scheme as the Trust grows.
  • The affiliate scheme is administrated and organised by provide the affiliate with a unique link and a unique dashboard. The affiliate is also offered an incentive upon agreement to join the scheme in order to test and come to love what Mo has to offer.

About our Ambassadors

Why do ambassadors join’s ambassador scheme?

  • Our Mo ambassadors love - and they want to share it with other companies.
  • solves many of the issues experienced with legacy insurers - its simple and easy for Members to make and pay for their health cover with us. For this reason, ambassadors who have experienced the joys of Mo want to share Mo with others.
  • Mo also funds health claims using an independent Trust - wherein members contribute monthly to fund the community of Mo members’ health needs. More Mo members means the trust is more secure and it opens the possibility of opening up more services for current members, so members benefit by the membership being larger.

How it works for ambassadors?

How do Mo ambassadors refer companies ?

  • ambassadors each have their own unique ambassador link to share with prospective Mo members. This link sends prospective members to a sign-up link and subsequent flow that ensures they are noted as an ambassador referral.
    • If, for some reason, the ambassador doesn’t or cant share a link with a prospective member, there will be later opportunities to note a referral.
    • The prospective member will be asked if they were referred by an ambassador. The ambassador will also be able to fill in a form to let Mo know the company they referred.

How do ambassadors keep track of their referrals?

  • Each ambassador will have access to a personal referrals tracking dashboard. Within this dashboard they will see the status of all the companies they have referred to Mo.
    • The dashboard allows members to both nudge their referrals along the process, or to see potential commission and payment timelines.

What documentation is available to help ambassadors?

  • Within their ambassador dashboard, ambassadors will have access to a range of documents they can send to prospective referrals.
    • The dashboard will include extensive information about Mo, about the Mo health cover products, and all material that potential Mo members may have questions about.
    • Mo ambassadors also have a direct contact within Mo health to guide them smoothly through the referrals process.

Commission and Incentives

What incentive does Mo offer to ambassadors?

  • offers an incentive for new Ambassadors so that they, if they are not already Mo members, can try out the Mo Mastercard for themselves.
    • Mo offers ambassadors the opportunity to experience making a claim with Mo for themselves.
    • They will be offered their own Mo app and Card - just as Mo members get.
    • They can use their card for a one-off health benefit (for example, a dental check up, a musculoskeletal appointment, or an eye test)
    • They can use their Mo app to view what benefits they are elligible to use, then find a practitioner using our map feature.
      • They will pay for their cover with ease, using their own Mo Mastercard.
      • They then upload their itemised receipt just as other members do.

What commission does Mo offer to ambassadors?

  • Mo’s ambassadors also receive commission for the companies they refer to
    • Mo’s ambassadors receive their own ambassador link to share with companies and individuals of their choosing who they think could be Mo customers.
    • Ambassadors receive a fixed fee per employee of the company they refer to us. So referring a larger company with a greater number of members signing up means the ambassador receives a greater amount of commission.
    • The commission is paid to the ambassador when the company they refer has completed their third month of Mo membership.