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8 Best Canary Wharf Opticians

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Canary Wharf is a modern financial district located in the East End of London. The area was once home to a busy dockside, but was transformed in the 1980s and 1990s into a hub of business and finance. Today, Canary Wharf is home to some of the world's largest banks and financial institutions, as well as a range of shops, restaurants, and other amenities.

1. Vision Express Opticians - London - Canary Wharf

Vision Express Canary Wharf is located inside Canada Place shopping centre. They stock an extensive range of frames from well-known designers and offer a standard level of service. The practice is described as friendly, providing a good quality of service.

Vision Express opticians have over 550 stores across the UK and Ireland, and like all other vision express branches, they aim to provide you with the very best service, tailor-made to your needs within friendly and welcoming surroundings. The range of frames stocked is standardised among stores and so are reliable and cost-effective.

  • Google rating: 4.0 (602)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: E14 5AH

2. Tom Davies - Bespoke Opticians

Tom Davies Canary Wharf is a bespoke, independent practice located inside Canary Wharf Shopping Centre. The practice prides itself on personalisation at every step of the process from bespoke eye test, to bespoke lenses and frames.

Eye tests at the practice are 60 minutes as standard due to the clinic offering a full spectrum of advanced equipment to expertly track your eye health and progression. The practice is able to aid you in diagnosing and solving your eye health issues and then personalising their range of bespoke lenses for you.

  • Google rating: 4.9 (43 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: No
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: E14 4QS

3. Ollie Quinn - Canary Wharf

OIlie Quinn Canary Wharf is located inside the Canary Wharf Shopping centre and is the perfect place to pick up your glasses on your lunch break if you work nearby. The practice offers 30 minute long eye tests by certified optometrists which can then be followed by a chat about personal styling. The staff also offer a relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere for customers.

This practice is one of the 13 Ollie Quinn boutique stores dotted around the country. They design all frames in-house and all pairs come with high-performance lenses and coatings which are all included in the price. They also make your choice easy, with all frames costing the same price throughout the stores. Each branch hopes to reflect the community they operate in by working hard to be part of its local community.

  • Google rating: 4.5 (86 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: No
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: E14 5NY

4. In Focus Optics - Poplar

In Focus Optics - Poplar is located opposite All Saints DLR station, a short walk from Canary Wharf. The practice, founded in 2007, sees its patrons as patients rather than customers and so treats its patients with only the best customer service. The In Focus group have 3 clinics located in the heart of the community, making them well-known and trustworthy. They also have a benefits pricing structure, with prices starting from £39 through to £350.

  • Google rating: 4.8 (55 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: E14 0ED

5. Belson & Sons Opticians

Belson & Sons Canary Wharf is an independent family-owned group, now with a third generation family member on the team. The practice group is based in Essex but also holds this practice in London’s Docklands.

They pride themselves on their high standards and professionalism and they boast a stock of frames from entry-level budget glasses to “haute couture designer frames”.

  • Google rating: 4.2 (37 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: E14 7DL

6. Boots - Jubilee Place

Boots Opticians Jubilee Place is located within the Canary Wharf Boots store and offers a convenient and friendly service to its patrons.

The practice is part of a chain of Boots opticians, housed inside boots cosmetic stores. The stores are praised for their trustworthiness and longevity, which attracts those who typically have less time to shop around. The services are great value-for-money and there is little variation between practices.

  • Google rating: 3.8 (246 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: E14 5NY

7. David Clulow Opticians - Jubilee Place

David Clulow Opticians Canary Wharf is located inside Jubilee Place shopping centre - making it the perfect place for those working nearby to stop by on their lunch to pick up their glasses. The staff are commended on their excellent service and thorough examination.

David Clulow Opticians is the destination store for contemporary designer eyewear in England. Established in 1962, and with a range of clinics around the country which concentrate in London, they have services and designs for just about everyone. The David Clulow brand is a leader in professionalism and customer service, and each individual branch reflects this ethos.

  • Google rating: 3.7 (87 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: E14 5NY

8. Asda Opticians

Asda Opticians is located within the Isle of Dogs store and is part of the wider Asda Opticians practice. The practice offers great value contact lenses and clear prices on prescription glasses. Asda opticians are a trusted and reliable budget option for your optical needs. The store also offers free unlimited comfort adjustments to your glasses.

The store also offers a quieter hour between 2pm and 3pm Monday-Thursday during which time they reduce noise levels by switching off the radio and reducing tannoy announcements to emergencies only.

  • Google rating: 3.8 (8 reviews)
  • NHS eye test: Yes
  • Accepts : Yes
  • Postcode: E14 3BT

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Practice NameAccepts Mo?PostcodeGoogle RatingNHS Eye Test
1. Vision Express Opticians - London - Canary Wharf ✔️E14 5AH4.0 (602)✔️
2. Tom Davies - Bespoke Opticians ✔️E14 4QS4.9 (43 reviews)
3. Ollie Quinn - Canary Wharf ✔️E14 5NY4.5 (86 reviews)
4. In Focus Optics - Poplar ✔️E14 0ED4.8 (55 reviews) ✔️
5. Belson & Sons Opticians✔️E14 7DL4.2 (37 reviews)✔️
6. Boots - Jubilee Place✔️E14 5NY3.8 (246 reviews)✔️
7. David Clulow Opticians - Jubilee Place✔️E14 5NY3.7 (87 reviews)✔️
8. Asda Opticians✔️E14 3BT3.8 (8 reviews)✔️

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