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My Mo Mastercard has been declined – What do I do?

My Mo Mastercard has been declined – What do I do?
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Your Mo Mastercard is designed to make healthcare payments seamless, but what should you do if it encounters a hiccup?

In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to take if your Mo Mastercard doesn’t work when trying to pay for a service at a registered clinician. You have two options: contacting Mo’s support for assistance or using your personal card and then submitting a reimbursement claim for a quick solution. We’ll also address common reasons for your Mo Mastercard not working, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to navigate any payment challenges that may arise. Rest assured, Mo Health has your back.

What if my Mo Mastercard doesn’t work?

If you try to pay for a service at a registered clinician and the payment is declined you have two options:

(1) If the payment is non-urgent and you’d prefer to pay using your Mo card – please contact us via in-app live chat. We will diagnose why your payment hasn’t gone through, and fix it for you as quickly as possible.

(2) If you need to pay for the service right away – you can pay with an alternative payments card, and submit a request for reimbursement through the Mo App. All reimbursements are made within one working day.

If you ever have any challenges using our service, ask any questions in the live chat.

Why didn’t my Mo Mastercard work?

There are a few reasons why your Mo Mastercard didn’t work.

It was used for a transaction that is not covered by your plan. Your Mo Mastercard is designed to only work at registered clinical facilities, to pay for health benefits covered under your plan. If you try to use your Mo Mastercard at the supermarket or at a petrol station, our technology will recognise this and the transaction will be refused.

There was an issue inputting information.

If you are using your physical Mo Mastercard with a Chip and Pin device, please check you are using the right PIN number. You can do this in the ‘Payments’ section of the Mo App.

If you are making an online transaction, please check the 16-digit number, expiry date and security number. You can do this in the ‘Payments’ section of the Mo App.

We incorrectly categorised your provider

Very occasionally, we get it wrong. When we run the checks and controls as the transaction comes through, it may appear to come from a non-clinical business.

If this happens, your transaction will be refused.

In the event that your card isn’t working – you can always pay for treatment using an alternative payment method and submit a reimbursement form. Funds will be reimbursed to your account within one working day.

Contact us on live chat to ask us any questions in real-time.

How to file a reimbursement claim with Mo?

If you have to pay put of pocket for a health spend and need to claim a reimbursement, follow these steps in order to claim your refund.

Firstly, ensure you get an itemised receipt or invoice from your clinician that shows the clinical service you received and the clinic from which you received the service.

To make your claim, go to the ‘Upload’ section of the app.

Click on ‘Get Reimbursed’, add the category, price, and date of your appointment.

Finally, attach a copy of your itemised receipt, and ensure your bank information is uploaded correctly. Finally, click to submit your claim. Your reimbursement will be with you within 24 Hours.

What needs to be included in my itemised receipt?

The itemised receipt should contain information about the clinician/retailer; treatment carried out, and confirmation that treatment was provided to you as Mo member. This is important to make sure that our members are using the service fairly.

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