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New MO Benefit – (real) Midwife Messenger

New MO Benefit – (real) Midwife Messenger
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Your New Go-To for Motherhood Support

Having kids is one of life’s most beautiful experiences, yet it’s packed with its fair share of ups and downs. 🐣🐤🐥 From conception to the overwhelming love (and sleepless nights!) following birth, it’s a roller-coaster of emotions, questions, and, let’s face it, a bit of anxiety too. It’s common for parents, especially mums, to feel a mix of loneliness and worry. It is hard to know whether a change is normal and routine, or warrants clinical intervention.

Ever found yourself wondering in the middle of the night if a trip to the NHS emergency is necessary, or if a calming breath and a bit of patience is all you need? Then there’s the saga of booking an appointment with a GP—feels like you’re more likely to win the lottery. In those moments, it’s super tempting to fall back on forums, Google or even AI. Yet deep down, we know they lack the professional insight we’re craving. What you truly need is someone who’s not just a click but a real, experienced professional away—ready to lend an ear, offer solid advice, and guide you through those oh-so-common moments of uncertainty with the warmth and guidance of a trusted friend.

Enter Mo’s Midwife Messenger: Your Personal Midwife in Your Pocket

As the UK government’s 2023 mandate to the NHS and the Maternity Transformation Programme (MTP) make clear, digital health stands at the forefront of healthcare’s future. Yet, despite these advancements, providing mums with services that are both digitally savvy and deeply human is still far away. That’s precisely why we’ve decided to step up once more. We want to blend the best of technology with the irreplaceable touch of human-led care, ensuring mums everywhere receive the support they deserve, exactly when they need it.

Picture this: chatting with a friend who happens to know everything about pregnancy, birth, and postnatal care. No more waiting anxiously for answers. Mo’s Midwife Messenger is MO’s way of delivering care and support during these special moments.

This innovative service, in collaboration with Epical Global, puts 300 professional midwives right in your pocket. Our latest feature is designed to bring professional, compassionate midwifery care right more accessible than ever.

Here’s why Midwife Messenger is about to become your new best adviser:

  • Real Talk with Real Midwives: This isn’t an AI chatbot. We’re talking about real, experienced midwives ready to chat whenever you need them. Whether you have a question at 2 am about feeding or you’re wondering if a certain symptom is normal, they’re there for you.
  • Build a Bond: Our service goes beyond one-off interactions. It’s about building a relationship with a healthcare professional who gets to know you and your journey. This continuity of care means personalized advice and a familiar voice whenever you reach out.
  • Unlimited Access, Zero Worries: With unlimited access to our Midwife Messenger, you can ask one question or a hundred – there’s no limit. We’re here to support you, ease your worries, and celebrate the joys of motherhood with you.
  • Privacy and Comfort of Your Own Home: Discuss your concerns and receive professional advice without leaving your home. Our service offers the privacy and comfort you deserve during this special time.

Motherhood is a journey best navigated with the right support, understanding, and a slight touch of humour. Mo’s Midwife Messenger service is more than just a feature; it’s a commitment to being there for our members through one of life’s most remarkable journeys.

So, to all the parents and parents-to-be out there, we’re thrilled to walk this path with you. Welcome to a (nearly) worry-free parenthood with Midwife Messenger. Because now, you have Mo than just a service; you have a friend who’s with you every step of the way.

Let’s finish with this thought, to all the employers out there looking to make a meaningful difference in their employees’ lives, show your employees they are part of your family, consider offering MO. Join our expanding community of diverse businesses that, with this feature (and MOre), demonstrate they care for their team members. In times filled with uncertainties, we profoundly believe it is how you build a succeeding team.

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