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How do I validate my claim?

How do I validate my claim?
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How do I use my Mo Mastercard to pay for healthcare?

Mo members don’t need to worry about long pre-authorisations before getting access to their benefits, or lengthy reimbursement times after they have paid out-of-pocket for health care.

To pay for your healthcare simply use your Mo Mastercard the same way you would use any other card in your wallet.

You can use your Mo Mastercard at any clinical provider, anywhere in the world (except for sanctioned countries or the USA), and if the treatment is covered by your plan, your card will simply work, with no hassle or friction.

You can use your Mo Mastercard for any of the eligible treatments covered under your plan

Why do I need to validate claim?

Our company ethos is ‘Trust and Validate’ We trust you as our members to treat the service with respect and to use your Mo Mastercard fairly.

We validate your claim after you have successfully paid for your care, rather than creating lots of friction up front to make it difficult for you to access your benefits.

The process is quick and easy, and can be done in 1 minute immediately after the payment is made.

How to validate your claim?

Once you have used your Mo card to make a payment, you will receive a notification prompting you to upload your receipt to validate your claim.

If you have missed the notification you can simply go to the ‘Upload’ section of the Mo app, and click on ‘Upload Claim Evidence’. In this section upload your itemised receipt to validate your claim.

Ensure you have either a PDF of the itemised receipt or that you have snapped a picture of the receipt and it is in your camera roll.

When prompted, you can select either of these methods in the ‘Upload Claim Evidence’ tab to upload your itemised receipt and finalise your claim.

What to include in your itemised receipt to validate your claim?

We ask that you upload an itemized receipt or invoice for the services provided.

This should contain: information about the clinician/retailer; information about the treatment carried out or the goods that you have purchased, and confirmation that treatment was provided to you as Mo member. This is important to make sure that our members are using the service fairly. We do not accept credit card or till receipts as evidence for your claims, as these do not include the information that we need to validate your claim.

What happens after your claim has been validated?

Once the claim evidence has been supplied, our technology assesses the information for completeness.

If anything further is required, we will contact you directly and request it.

If the information is complete, you are good to Mo.

What if I need to ask any further questions?

If you have any further questions about the claim validation process, or about Mo, please contact us on [email protected], or reach out on live chat, through the Mo-bile app, or on any page at

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